8 Poker Facts You Did Not Know


Gamblers around the world love poker. It is known for its infinite outcomes and a range of strategies that players can use to beat their opponents. Since it does not cost casinos much, the house edge on poker is also low. Poker has a rich history that a poker enthusiast must know about. Here are some poker facts that you probably never heard before.

poker facts

The longest game

The Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona once hosted a poker tournament that lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. The tournament took place in 1881, and the pool prize of the game was around a million.

The first chip

The first chips used in poker were made of ivory, wood, clay, and pieces of bone. Before this, players used real money and gold to bet on the games. When it became difficult to assign value to different elements used in betting, gaming houses decided to introduce chips.

Deck of 20 cards

The early games of poker were played with a deck of 20 cards. The game was played between 4 people, and each player would get five cars. Players bet on making the best hand with those five cards they received. It was in the 1830s when players started using full decks to play poker.

The kings in poker

According to many sources, the four kings in the deck of cards actually have a meaning. They are said to be named after the four kings – Roman Caesar Augustus, Alexander the Great, King David of Israel, and King Charlemagne of France.

An official mind sport

Poker is considered an official mind sport under the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). The officials deemed poker a mind sport in 2010 as it involves strategies, skills, and calculations. The poker professionals can be called athletes.

Tell is easier than you think

The professionals reveal that most players give away what hand they are playing by leaning forward or backward. When there is a strong hand, the players lean forward and vice versa. This is an easy tell for pros that help them plan their moves.

The dead man’s hand

There is a hand in poker that is called the dead man’s hand. It is two aces and two eights. Wild Bill Hickok was playing poker and was holding the same hand when he was shot dead by John McCall. This hand does not make you any more or less lucky.

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The fifth deck

Due to the growing popularity of poker, several card companies suggested adding suit to the deck. The Eagle was proposed by many in 1937 as the fifth deck, but it was not widely accepted. Ever since then, several new suggestions have been out there, but none were considered worthy of becoming a part of a deck of playing cards.

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